L'Institut Américain d'Anglais Témara est une institution d'enseignement de langue ANGLAISE. Notre objectif est d'offrir des cours d'Anglais de qualité à l'ensemble de la population de Témara / Rabat et ses régions. Ainsi, Préparation et Formation Concours Linguistiques et Tests internationaux : TOEFL et TOEIC (TOEIC Authorized Test Center).

Nos enseignants, Marocains, Britanniques et Américains sont diplômés des universités Marocaines, Britanniques ou Américaines et ont une expérience prouvée dans l'enseignement de l’Anglais comme langue étrangère.

Programmes Kids & Teens de American Language Institute Temara. La manière pour les enfants et les adolescents d’apprendre l’Anglais comme Langue Étrangère avec plaisir et efficacement.
American Language Institute Temara: A Path to 2012

The American Language Institute Temara. is located in Temara Centre, Morocco. Our purpose is to promote the teaching of English as a second language in Morocco, specifically in the areas of Rabat and Temara. We offer General English classes to both children and adults. We also offer classes in English for Specific Purposes (for example, Business English, Tourism, Hospitality, and Aviation). We employ only highly qualified Moroccan academics and native speakers from the United States.

We take a modern approach in all of our courses, utilizing cutting-edge technology in a multi-cultural environment. We also include a variety of activities based on course books, audio-visual aids and specially-created materials. We emphasize effective development in the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) with special attention paid to communication and conversation in different
contexts and situations.

The feedback we have received from our students evidences a 100 percent success rate in the short year we have been open. We feel that a good part of our success is due to the methods we have developed which allow our students to learn and speak quickly and easily.

In view of the fact that English has developed as the international language of trade, we feel a deep obligation to our students to give them skills they need to expand their employment opportunities. But we also recognize that our students reap benefits beyond the obvious economic advantages. We make every effort to instill in our students a deep appreciation for and curiosity about cultures other than their own and we believe that a working knowledge of English will help them immeasurably in developing a compassionate and tolerant world view.

American Language Institute Temara leads by example. For the vision of 2015, we educate to compete which means having an education system that gives young Moroccans the skills they need for jobs in our economy. It also means making Rabat / Temara attractive to more investors, by ensuring we have the skill sets they need to prosper and create jobs here.

We begin by working with families, so children are healthy and ready to learn when they start school. In fact, we tend to focus on the following:

1. Our Kids Are Worth It: Strategy for Children and Youth
2. Progress in International Reading: Literacy Study
3. Options and Opportunities
4. Learning for Life : Brighter Futures Together

We're helping our young people access the education and training they need to compete for jobs. Our efforts include expanding our community college system, making post-secondary education more affordable, and recognizing existing credentials so time and money are not wasted.

• Food and Nutrition Policy for Moroccan Schools in need.
• Active Kids, Healthy Kids.